Sunday, 25 November 2018

Our MSWA Ambassadors have kindly shared their stories with us, so that you can learn a bit more about their lives and the reason they support the MSWA Ocean Ride - Powered by Retravision.


Julie Palich has been living with multiple sclerosis since 2011.

Julie is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, professional, and someone who has been living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for seven years. She was living in Canada with her husband and three-year-old son when she started having sharp pains and hazy vision in her left eye.

It took a while to receive her diagnosis of Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS) as there were minimal signs of the condition. The uncertainty was the most disconcerting thing, as she was used to being in control of her life. Her future suddenly seemed like it could turn out very different.

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Life After a Stroke

Lisa MacLennan was 41 and in the prime of her life. She was married with two young children, working in the disability sector, and two units away from completing a Bachelor of Social Work at University, when she was struck down by a severe stroke in 2012.

A stroke can strike at any time and without warning, so when Lisa collapsed during a lecture, everyone was in panic mode. Getting a detailed account of the day from her classmates, she says she blacked out and was comatose for the next two days. Her doctors didn’t think she would survive.  

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23-year-old Brittany had her world rocked, when her Dad was diagnosed with MND in 2017.

Brittany Hayes world was rocked, when her Dad was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in April 2017. Her parents had been involved in a serious car accident just 12 months prior, so her life was already focused on her parents recoveries.

There are two generations of history of MND in her Dad's family, so when he developed symptoms of weakness in his arms and legs, tiredness and tripping over, Brittany tried not to think the worst. At first, he was told that he didn't have MND, so life was quite normal. Then, a second opinion confirmed the worst fears for Brittany and her family.

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Ian was working in the Royal Navy in 1989 when his father was diagnosed with MND.

Riding a bike is good exercise, and a feel-good activity, but cycling along Western Australia’s beautiful coastline is something Ian Carmichael doesn’t take for granted. He rode in MSWA’s Ocean Ride last year to honour two of his loved ones, who both lived with a neurological condition.

Ian was working in the Royal Navy in 1989 when his father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in the United Kingdom (UK). “I was based offshore which made contact difficult and I had to travel a lot to be with my parents. Dad’s first symptoms were loss of co-ordination whilst doing simple things, and then the condition progressed from there,” said Ian. Having had no real awareness of MND, his family didn’t know what to expect, and as each week went by it was a learning curve accompanied by plenty of sadness.

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MSWA Ocean Ride – Powered by Retravision

Sunday, 25 November 2018



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